• 2017
  • 2014
    MBC New Platform Strategy Director
  • 2013
    MBC New Media Business Director
  • 2011
    MBC Media rep. TF
  • 2010
    MBC Policy Planning
  • 1995
    MBC Production Engineering join

SMR places customer
value first

SMR is a joint venture between MBC and SBS. Founded in 2014, we engage in online advertising business based on ten broadcasting content including terrestrial broadcasters, CJ ENM, and other comprehensive broadcasting companies.

As a new company, we are shifting the recognition from platform-based advertising business in the display advertising market to high-quality content-based advertising, thereby expanding the value of advertisers, content providers and platforms.

In the first two years of its launch, the company achieved rapid growth of over 100 billion won per year and achieved remarkable growth in media power. The driving force behind this growth can be found not only in SMR's own capabilities but also in our partnership with partner content providers, advertisers, agencies and platform operators.

We always try to find out what partnership content providers can do to gain the right value for their content, what the advertiser and agency needs are, and what platform companies who create points of contact want.

The importance of display advertising in the digital advertising market is growing. Advanced display advertising techniques are also required as mobile platforms expand. We need to provide accurate information about how effective the ads we run are on the content we provide.

SMR will not stay in the present but will prepare to play a leading role in the future of digital advertising.

We will continue to develop advertising products and improve the system.

We will also strengthen and maintain partnerships with our partners.

We will move forward with the aim of spreading the market with the common power and attempt to share profit according to each role in this wide market.

Thank you.

CEO Kwon Chul

Organization Configuration